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found poster template by ryoko-mitsirughi found poster template by ryoko-mitsirughi
This is just a basic found poster template I created for a user who doesn't really have experience with dogs and wanted to reunite the lovable pup with it's owner. This is a basic template...using some information based on the picture provided.
When you make a found poster here are things to make sure you have:
:bulletgreen:a CLEAR photo of the animal. The clearer the photo you have of the animal the better it can be identified.
:bulletgreen: specify it's gender and colors (though the picture shows it), especially if there are noticeable markings that aren't shown in the picture (like maybe a spot in a heart shape)
:bulletgreen:specify the color and the type of collar it is. (example: medium thick, zebra print collar with plastic buckle). An owner knows what they buy for their pets
:bulletgreen: specify the breed of the dog (if you can tell. If it is a mutt, mark down that it's a mixed breed instead of referring to it as a mutt, some people are very testy about that).
:bulletgreen: make the title big and the details easy enough to see from a distance.
:bulletgreen: when leaving your contact information, only leave your first name (unless you are comfortable giving out your last) and a number to reach you at. NEVER put down your address because there have been a lot of cases where people see a found poster and show up at your door claiming the dog is theirs, usually people who do that are looking for a dog to fight or be bait in a dog fight. Cruel I know but it does happen.
:bulletgreen: When a person calls claiming the animal is theirs, ask them what the animal's temperament(attitude) is like and have them bring any pictures they have of the animal as verification that the animal is theirs. That would be the time you give out either a meeting place or your address for them to pick the animal up.

Hope this helped for you and anyone else who doesn't have the experience in this situation. feel free to download the template and change what you need to off of it (since I did sort of specify it to the picture of the one dog that needed to find his happy home). This template can also be adjusted for other animals.

Also take into consideration how long you are willing to hold onto the animal because some shelters--whether the animal is owned or not--will only hold an animal from 3-10 days before it is euthanized. Check into that.

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October 28, 2009
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